Combining optical microscopy, computational super-resolution, artificial intelligence, and robotics, Nanotronics is bringing the world’s most advanced microscope to every manufacturing sector. 

We automate industrial microscopes used for inspection of the world's most advanced technologies: semiconductors, microchips, hard drives, LEDs, aerospace hardware, nano-fillers, nanotubes, nano-medicine, and more. Our microscopes are an integrated part of production processes at many of the world's leading manufacturers.

Our brilliant microscope system, nSpec®, has orders of magnitude more capability but is a fraction of the cost of traditional inspection and process control equipment. nSpec® empowers our customers to increase yields, throughput, and process control while reducing footprint and costs. 

nSpec® is powered by industrial enterprise software that provides scientists and engineers manufacturing nanoscale technologies the first set of tools as advanced as the devices they build.  Our software is the first industrial application for cognitive artificial intelligence that seamlessly integrates across factories and each stage of production. Nanotronics software detects and classifies nanoscale features with minimal user training.