Nanotronics Automation wafer loaders are engineered with versatility in mind. Each bench-top wafer loader can handle a wide variety of wafer sizes and easily integrate with other machines.

Nanotronics Automation turnkey systems available - Choose the loader, stage, microscope, and accessories to meet your specific needs. Please contact our sales department for more information.

The wafer loader’s end effectors are customized to fit any customer application. Nanotronics wafer loaders are designed for easy swapping and replacing of end effectors to make finding the correct tool for the job easy.

End Effectors

Nanotronics Automation’s loader control software features group and individual wafer handling. The software can save sequencing in a recipe to assist in generating highly repeatable studies. The software also allows the user to mark wafers as rejects to assist in the quality control process. The control software keeps wafers safe by properly reporting and handling all motion control errors.

Wafer Loader Control Software

The wafer loaders are setup to be able to move any part at any speed to any location. This assists in allowing the loader to integrate with any piece of hardware, and move wafers between pieces of hardware safely and reliably.

Movement Customization

Loader Model Configurations and Features

Feature SMMP-468 SMP-28 SMM-468 SMLR-28 DM-28 S-468-EX2
Top & Backside
Pre Aligner X X
Wafer Sizes 100, 150, 200 mm 50-200 mm* 100, 150, 200 mm 50-200 mm* 50-200 mm* 50-200 mm*
Cassette Size
X X X X X Detects
H Bar
Other Features Loads Left
or Right
2 Cassette Elevators 50 mm Extra
Reach to Offload
*50-200 mm = Handle 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 mm and Inch Variations

Nanotronics Automation provides an easy to use API for controlling wafer loaders. This API can be accessed in .NET or as a .COM object. This API fully abstracts typical loader movements while also allowing the user to create more complex movements by individually controlling components.

Programmable API

All Nanotronics Automation loaders are designed with ball bearings for maximum life and reliability. Each linear bearing, rotary bearing, and ball screw is chosen to meet the high demand of a production environment.

Mechanically Designed for Reliability